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Didi Food serving games #2

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Ice Cream Heaven - Cooking, Fun, Ice cream, Skill, WaitressIce Cream HeavenCooking, Fun, Ice cream, Life, Skill, Waitress
Snack Shop - Cooking, Fun, Job, Skill, WaitressSnack ShopCooking, Fun, Job, Life, Skill, Waitress
Deli Creations - Cooking, Fun, Sandwich, SkillDeli CreationsCooking, Fun, Life, Sandwich, Skill
Donut's Mania - Cooking, Fun, SkillDonut's ManiaCooking, Fun, Life, Skill
Smoothie Shop - Fun, Ice cream, SkillSmoothie ShopFun, Ice cream, Skill
Perfect Plate - Cooking, Fun, SkillPerfect PlateCooking, Fun, Life, Skill
Burger Stall - Burger, Cooking, Fun, Job, SkillBurger StallBurger, Cooking, Fun, Job, Life, Skill
Hot Dog Bush - Cooking, Fun, Job, Restaurant, SkillHot Dog BushCooking, Fun, Job, Restaurant, Skill
Thrills n Spills - Cafe, Cooking, Fun, Job, Restaurant, SkillThrills n SpillsCafe, Cooking, Fun, Job, Life, Restaurant, Skill
Top That Deux - Cooking, Fun, Sandwich, SkillTop That DeuxCooking, Fun, Life, Sandwich, Skill
Burger Bar - Burger, Cooking, Fun, SkillBurger BarBurger, Cooking, Fun, Life, Skill
Share the Food - Cooking, Fun, SkillShare the FoodCooking, Fun, Life, Skill
Crazy Cafeteria - Cafe, Cooking, Fun, Job, SkillCrazy CafeteriaCafe, Cooking, Fun, Job, Life, Skill
Unfabulous Burger Bustle - Burger, Cooking, Fun, Job, Restaurant, Skill, WaitressUnfabulous Burger BustleBurger, Cooking, Fun, Job, Restaurant, Skill, Waitress
Server - Cooking, Fun, SkillServerCooking, Fun, Life, Skill
Fried Sausage - Cooking, Fun, SkillFried SausageCooking, Fun, Life, Skill
Busy Burger - Burger, Cooking, Fun, Job, SkillBusy BurgerBurger, Cooking, Fun, Job, Life, Skill
Vermicelli - Cooking, Fun, Restaurant, SkillVermicelliCooking, Fun, Life, Restaurant, Skill
Sue Sushi Restaurant - Cooking, Doll, Fun, Job, Restaurant, Skill, Sue, SushiSue Sushi RestaurantCooking, Doll, Fun, Job, Life, Restaurant, Skill, Sue, Sushi
Staff of the Month - Skill, Fun, Burger, JobStaff of the MonthSkill, Life, Fun, Burger, Job
Fast Food - Skill, Fun, Burger, CookingFast FoodSkill, Life, Fun, Burger, Cooking
Cafe - Style, Cafe, TableCafeLife, Style, Cafe, Table