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Forest Temple Again Girl Game

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Forest Temple Again - Avoiding, Collecting, Couple, Cute, Platform

Forest Temple Again

Help the love birds get out of the maze! Well, they're not actually birds and the relationship will be hard as the girl is created from water and the boy is from fire but you know the saying, opposites attract! In this case, in order to get out of the maze, opposites should work together, too!

You can play this game with your SO!
Use A,W,D to move the water girl and use the Arrow keys to move the fire boy. There are three types of levels; normal levels, a little difficult ones and the ones with only one diamond and you must find the diamond in it.

Never let the fire boy drop into water and never let the water girl drop into fire! And be careful about the mud, it consumes them both! Levers remain as you leave them but the pushers must be held in order to stay open.