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Jasmine Fun Skin Care Girl Game

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Jasmine Fun Skin Care - Beauty, Caring, Disney, Facial, Girl, Make-up, Makeover

Jasmine Fun Skin Care

Did you know that Princess Jasmine is a talented make-up artist? In the game Jasmine Fun Skin Care, she'll be participating in a face painting competition. But what's this? On the morning of the competition, Jasmine wakes up with an itchy and swollen face! It turns out she's been bitten by some ticks from her pet tiger, and now her skin is infected! What a disaster! The stress has given her pimples and dry skin too, and she's scratched herself so badly in her sleep that it's left marks on her face! Jasmine urgently needs your help to soothe her skin so that she can still compete with her face paints! Pop the zits and get rid of the ugly marks and flaky skin. Pull out the ticks and pluck the stray hairs. Once Jasmine's smooth skin is restored, you can choose her make-up. Jasmine's so distressed by her ordeal, she's leaving this one up to you. Can you help her design the winning look?