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Maleficent Modern Makeover Girl Game

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Maleficent Modern Makeover - Design, Dress-up, Make-up, Makeover, Princess, Style, Styling, Witch

Maleficent Modern Makeover

Once upon a time there was a witch named Maleficent who got so angry with the king. She put the daughter of the king into eternal sleep. But that was a long long time ago. Maleficent fell into today's world and tried to do that to Betty as well but this is not a fairytale and Maleficent's powers are useless here! Betty woke up and she got startled by the old fashioned outfit of Maleficent. The only thing that can scare her! Let's help Betty with choosing a new outfit and make-up for Maleficent and put an end to scary outfits!